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Outstanding Relationships

At RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions, we provide our clients with tangible results. RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions takes pride in the outstanding relationships we have with our clients and vendors. We leverage those relationships to provide cost savings and increase profit margins. RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions focus is to drive out costs within your company’s purchasing and procurement while giving you a competitive advantage against your competitors. As a result, your company’s management and employees will be able to focus your efforts on what you do best, your CORE business.

Darnell Therres - Founder and President

Darnell Therres, Supply Chain Solutions Specialist & President of RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions

Darnell has worked in the procurement field in Saskatoon for 12 years. In that time Darnell has realized that if approached in a strategic way, procurement could become a valuable asset to any sized business. Darnell’s approach to procurement has provided many clients with substantial cost savings and increased profit margins. In 2013 Darnell decided to start RoxDar Supply Chain solutions in order to provide Saskatchewan companies with an alternative approach to purchasing, and provide any business with a competitive edge.

Roxann Therres – Supply Chain Services Manager

Roxann Therres, Supply Chain Services Manager

Roxann is the glue that holds RoxDar together. Roxann brings several years of administrative skills to RoxDar. Often Roxann is the first point of contact for RoxDar Clients and Vendors. Her superior administrative skills are an irreplaceable asset to the day to day operations of our business. Roxann is responsible for PO creation, Order Expediting, Invoice Reconciliation, and she even does a little Strategic Sourcing of her own. Roxann’s incredible organizational skills and impeccable attention to detail, provide our clients with a WOW customer service experience every time.

Saskatoon Blades

Saskatoon Blades Hockey Team

At RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions we are proudly involved with the Saskatoon Blades. During the 2014/2015 hockey season, RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions was honoured with presenting The "Defensemen of the Year" Award. This prestigious award was handed out to #14 Brycen Martin.

The Saskatoon Blades and the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon hosted the first Team Up For Respect Game. RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions was a proud supporter as we provided a bus to transport some of the 6000 children that were able to attend. During the game children participated in Anti-Bullying games and events and heard powerful stories from prominent members of the hockey community. The goal of this event was to show the children how to deal with challenges and maintain respect through the example of the Saskatoon Blades on and off the ice.

"Darnell and Roxann Therres have been an absolute pleasure to work with this past season. Not only are they the ultimate Saskatoon Blades fans and supporters, they also share the same passion for making a positive impact in the community. After one year of working with Darnell and Roxann it has become clear that they value the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships with win-win scenarios. RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions has helped the Blades improve our in-game entertainment with their "Rockstar of the game" promotion, while also helping us send children (who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend) to our Team Up For Respect game that was such an amazing success. I personally can't wait for next season to arrive, as our future looks incredibly bright with RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions in our corner. The Blades organization is very proud of our partnership with RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions and we are excited about our future as we build towards a championship team."
~Brandon Enns, Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club


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