Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions works with businesses just like yours to drive out costs, save time in sourcing materials, cutback on shipping fees and improving your bottom line while increasing your competitive edge. No company is too small to benefit.

Why should only large businesses benefit from buying groups and high volume pricing? We have the experience and connections to find and deliver products at the best possible price. Our existing customers realize cost reductions on products and consumables of 25% and more. We want to help locally owned Saskatchewan businesses to succeed and we have the tools and relationships to do it. And, we’ll provide you with the highest level of customer service and even deliver the goods for you.

With RoxDar’s focus on saving your company time while providing unmatched service along with quality and price, can give your company a competitive edge. Management and employees can focus more of their day to day efforts on your core business. Scroll further down this page for more details about our services.

RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions Key Areas of Focus:

  • Safety Supplies
  • Industrial Consumables
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Fasteners
  • Mechanical Supplies
  • Electrical Supplies
  • Hand Tools
  • Welding Supplies

We can adapt our company to meet your needs. We offer four core services (Procurement Auditing, Buying Group, Day to Day Procurement and Local Focus) which are adaptable to meet each business’ needs.

Procurement Auditing Reduces Costs

Procurement Auditing

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the best price possible on your company’s input and industrial consumable items? RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions will work with you to evaluate your current spend, and show you how we can leverage and utilize that spend in combination with our buying group. This will provide a cost savings solution for your organization.

Along the way, we’ll also work to create efficiencies for your staff and management, saving your organization both time and money. You can expect real savings, real advice and real service. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, we work to give you every advantage possible.

Our Buying Group Saves You Money

Buying Group Saves Money

The RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions Buying Group is one of the biggest advantages we give to our clients. We have partnered with several “Elite Vendors” who represent a wide array of products and services. RoxDar carefully vetts these vendors to ensure our clients receive the best price possible and superior service. RoxDar clients enjoy an exceptional service relationship with our Elite Vendors. They will work with you and us to provide the best possible product training, solutions, on hand inventory, and VMI options.

When fully engaged in our services, our buying group provides the average company with a cost savings of 25% or more.

Day to Day Procurement

Efficient Daily Procurement

Our core business is efficient Procurement. We realize that no two companies are the same, so we will consult and tailor our solutions to provide your business with the most effective and efficient solution. Our focus is to let businesses of any size tap into a world class supply chain to reduce production delays and access high quality products.

We provide a complete array of procurement services including: PO creation, order expediting, strategic and one off sourcing, project buying, invoice reconciliation, as well as contract and price negotiation. Our connections and experience are just a phone call away!

A Focus on Local Vendors

Supporting Local Vendors

At RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions, we believe in supporting and working with local vendors first, whenever possible. Partnering with local business people strengthens both our economy and our communities. Our goal is to create win-win situations which will allow everyone to be successful.

No company is too small to utilize RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions’s services. We have a variety of options to work with your company to help you save money, be competitive in the market place, and increase profit margins. Give us a call today and find out how we can treat you like a RoxDar.