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RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions
Increase your Company's Bottom Line

RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions focuses on driving out costs and specializing in improving your company’s bottom line. We also provide efficient processes to increase your production and give your company a competitive edge. With these bases covered, management and employees can focus more of their efforts on your core business. We represent a variety of industries, including:

    Saving Money
  • Safety Supplies
  • Consumables
  • Welding Supplies & Gases
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Promotional Items
  • Fasteners
  • Training
  • Mechanical Supplies
  • Electrical
  • Fleet Services
  • Lighting
  • Hand Tools
  • Logistics

Working with these industries, we offer four core services (Procurement Auditing, Buying Group, Day to Day Procurement and Local Focus.) Adaptable to meet each business’ needs.

Procurement Auditing

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the best price possible on your company’s input and consumable items? RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions will work with you to evaluate your current spend, and show you how we can leverage and utilize that spend in combination with our buying group, to provide a cost savings solution for your organization. RoxDar will help you optimize your company’s current spending efforts while working to create efficiencies for your staff and management. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, we work to give you every advantage possible.

Buying Group

The RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions Buying Group is one of the biggest advantages we give to our clients. We have partnered with several “Elite Vendors” who represent a wide array of products and services. RoxDar carefully vets these vendors to ensure our clients receive not only the best price possible but also superior service. RoxDar clients enjoy an exceptional service relationship with our Elite Vendors who work with RoxDar and our clients to provide the best possible product training, solutions, on hand inventory, and VMI options. When fully engaged in our services, our buying group provides the average company with a cost savings of 25% or more.

Day to Day Procurement

At RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions our core business is Procurement. We provide a complete array of procurement services including: PO creation, order expediting, strategic and one off sourcing, project buying, invoice reconciliation, as well as contract and price negotiation. We understand that no two companies are the same, which is why RoxDar tailors our solutions to fit your business and provide you with the most efficient and cost effective solution. Our focus is to provide our clients with a world class supply chain, focusing on cost efficiencies, a reduction in production delays, and most of all, quality products.

Local Focus

At RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions, we believe in supporting and working with local vendors first. Wherever possible, we believe in partnering with local business people to strengthen the local business climate. Our goal is to create win-win situations which will allow everyone to be successful.

No company is too small to utilize RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions’s services. We have a variety of options to work with your company to help you save money, be competitive in the market place, and increase profit margins. We look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions can be of service to you.


"While in my previous role as a sales representative, I had the great pleasure of being one of RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions key suppliers. Not only did Darnell and Roxann help me drive sales, they helped bridge the gap between supplier and end-user. RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions effectively communicates between customer and supplier and not only saves their customers money but helps free up their time for what they do best: run their business. Roxann and Darnell are trustworthy and know how to form solid relationships and keep them. After seeing contractors struggle with procurement and expediting, it was a relief to be able to have a third-party step in and help work out the kinks. Having RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions work between me and my customers helped keep smiles on our faces and money in all of our pockets."
Mathieu Gaudet
Key Accounts Representative

“We have enjoyed an amazing relationship with RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions. Roxann and Darnell front a great team of pros who are smart, creative and hard-working. They go above and beyond to get the job done and done right!”
Steve Hogle
Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club

"Darnell and Roxann Therres have been an absolute pleasure to work with this past season. Not only are they the ultimate Saskatoon Blades fans and supporters, they also share the same passion for making a positive impact in the community. After one year of working with Darnell and Roxann it has become clear that they value the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships with win-win scenarios. RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions has helped the Blades improve our in-game entertainment with their "Rockstar of the game" promotion, while also helping us send children (who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend) to our Team Up For Respect game that was such an amazing success.
I personally can’t wait for next season to arrive, as our future looks incredibly bright with RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions in our corner. The Blades organization is very proud of our partnership with RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions and we are excited about our future as we build towards a championship team."
Brandon Enns
Corporate Account Executive
Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club

"Darnell has demonstrated outstanding talent in various supply chain management and purchasing activities. He has demonstrated to me that he is extremely thorough in his work and is able to work well for the betterment of his employer. His ideas on efficient procurement with specific focus on ways to cut costs, aged inventories, while also managing procurement delivery are extremely sound. He understands the priorities of the business, and is able to diligently assure management that procured items will be available as to not shut down production."
William Sutherland P.Eng, MBA
Kensington Capital Partners Limited


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