Helping Saskatchewan Companies Buy Better

Reduce Business Purchasing Costs by 25%!

RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions understands that it is becoming increasingly hard for rural and urban locally owned Saskatchewan businesses to maintain competitive pricing when competing against large businesses and national chains.

We want to see these locally owned businesses continue to thrive. Our procurement expertise and strategic partnerships allow us to save our clients time and money. No business is too big, too small, or too remote to benefit – call us and find out more today.

How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the best price possible on your company’s input and consumable items? Have you ever wished for the buying power of a much bigger business? At RoxDar, this is what we deliver every day. And, speaking of delivery, we manage that for you too! Call us today and start reducing your costs.

Supply Chain Competitive Advantage

Increase Competitive Advantage

Use your cost savings to improve profit margins or offer more competitive pricing.

Supply Chain Buying Group

RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions Buying Group

Access better pricing, quality, and services through our Elite Vendors.

Daily Procurement

Day to Day Procurement

We use strategic and one-off sourcing to get you the right product, at the right price and at the right time.

Local Vendor Partner

Local Vendor Focus

Whenever possible, we partner with local vendors first so that they, our clients and our communities benefit.


“RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions core working principles caught our attention very early in the launch of their company.  Their success is value based and has clearly brought cost savings to all of their clients. This has become very evident as their business is growing way ahead of industry averages and appears not be slowing down any time soon. RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions passion and commitment to continuous improvement is evident in all aspects of what they do for their customers”

Dan Amatruda
Senior Vice-President
Weber Supply Company Inc.

” I would not hesitate to recommend RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions to any prospective clients. The savings realized in the first year alone far exceeded the cost of the service.”

John Reid
ACE Manufacturing

“RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions is professional and efficient in the work that they do for their clients. They have proven themselves as experts in the procurement field and deliver significant value to their clients every time.”

Mike Grozell, Account Representative
WESCO Distribution Canada LP

“RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions always makes you feel like a priority. They are quick to reply in addressing all your requests and issues in a timely matter. Roxann & Darnell are willing to go the extra step to ensure your needs are fulfilled whether it is following up with you while they are on holidays or making a 4 hour trip to your site to deliver supplies for a job needed the next day. They will do whatever it takes to keep their customers happy!”

Courtney Bartok
Accounting Clerk
Noble Construction Corp.

‘’Over the past few years working with Roxdar Supply Chain Solutions it has been nothing but professional and a pleasure to be a part of their promotion of supply chain management. Cost savings is every company’s direction and Roxdar Supply Chain Solutions has the ability to achieve that goal.
Many companies have benefited from the results of their expertise that are still in place today.’’

Bob Weimer
Fastener Warehouse Ltd

“The RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions team has been a great partner that not only saves us money but increases our efficiencies. We are pleased with Darnell and his team who continue to execute strategic procurement on behalf of MiEnergy. This relationship has saved on general expenses by combining their purchasing power to drive down cost. It has also allowed us to focus on what we do best. They are real experts always willing to go over and above to service their clients.”

Kevin Bergeron

“RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions has demonstrated outstanding talent in various supply chain management and purchasing activities. He has demonstrated to me that he is extremely thorough in his work and is able to work well for the betterment of his employer. His ideas on efficient procurement with specific focus on ways to cut costs, aged inventories, while also managing procurement delivery are extremely sound. He understands the priorities of the business, and is able to diligently assure management that procured items will be available as to not shut down production.”

William Sutherland P.Eng, MBA